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Estudio Jáuregui.

Was founded in 1972 by a group of professionals who, after several years of practice in the public sector, decided to focus their careers on the private sector and provide counsel to local companies and foreign investors.
We have been consultants to several government agencies, and have taken part in Argentine missions abroad, and in the drafting of tax and criminal laws and codes applicable to the privatization of state-owned companies. We have also participated in the boards of directors of Argentine and foreign companies. Our Firm has also worked in the telecommunications and Small Businesses area, specializing in Mutual Guarantee Companies. We have dealt with debt recovery for financial institutions and insurance companies, and pride ourselves on providing assistance with formal powers of attorney to three major banks of Argentina: Banco Nación- Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires and BBVA and to assist Bank of America (Bank Boston) before tax courts.

Dr. Román Guillermo Jáuregui.

Lawyer-graduated at Universidad de Buenos Aires UBA (1964). He has completed postgraduate courses at the Alcalá de Henares University, Madrid, Spain, and at Interamerican Defense College I.D.C., Fort Mac Nair, Washington D.C., U.S.A. He is the author of several technical and legal articles and books.
He has practiced as an attorney both in the private and public sector. At the Argentine Internal Revennue Service he held several executive positions of Chief of the Legal Division for the Tucumán Region (1970-1974); Training Chief (1968), Head of the Litigation Attorneys Department (1972 – 1976). He was a member of several Committees on Tax Reform of the Secretariat of Finance (1972 – 1976). Furthermore, he was a member of several abroad official missions. Responsible for Legal and Tax Analysis reporting to the Ministry of Economy (1972); Legal Advisor of the Government of San Luis and coauthor with Ms Mavarrine, Esq., of the Project of Tax Code for the Province of Buenos Aires (1976). He worked as a Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Finance for the Government of the Dominican Republic (1977-1978), was President of the Arbitration Committee for Tax on Gross Income (since 1978 -2008), was member of the Commission for the Reform of the Penal Code (1995), Cabinet Advisor to the Secretary of Military Affairs of the Ministry of Defense (1997). He was Advisor to the Commission on Communications of the House of Representatives of the Argentine Republic since 1996 to 1998. He has taught many courses and lectured intensively in many institutions and furthermore he was Tax Law Professor at the Argentine Business University (UADE) and at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Law. He is a member of the Fiscal Studies Association and of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and was a member of their Executive Boards. At present he practices law actively and is the Director of Bodega Chacra S.A. (top argentine high quality wineries). He acts as legal attorney and legal advisor for national and international companies, and is also a member of several professional organizations.
He isPresident of Asociación Civil Gobierno Abierto. (Open Government Asociation – NGO NGO represents of The Advocacy Group TAG (, and is member of Red Argentina Americana de Liderazgo ( and of International Alumni (


Estudio Jáuregui is member of GLE Consorcio de Cooperación. GLE is a group of four law firms: Estudio García Lema, founded by Alberto Manuel García Lema who was Deputy Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice and former Attorney General, with extensive academic and publishing experience and intensive administrative law practice; Estudio Ostrovsky & Romano, specialized in alternative dispute resolution methods, to manage disputes and commercial contract (UTES) consortiums or Joint Ventures and Estudio Bougain, specialized in commercial law.
This group offers its professional services in a broad range of areas of practice through several alliances, based on the prestige, technical knowledge and experience of its partners, associate attorneys, and highly qualified external consultants.
While maintaining their own structures, the firms are integrated at a professional and human level, guaranteeing full, permanent and reliable cooperation in benefit of clients.

Main Areas of Practice

The global vision, which distinguishes us from other firms, is that business legal issues must be solved by linking public law branches (constitutional, administrative or tax law, among others) and social law (labor law and provisional duties) to traditional private law branches (civil, commercial and criminal law), as well as those of international law, communications, environmental law, natural resources and collective rights.

Advice to banks, industrial and service companies, business chambers, public entities, international entities and individuals.
Our methodology, through the work of our partners and specialized teams, provides each client with the analysis and the definition of a strategy and the necessary tools to implement it. Providing legal advice on complex problems that presents a challenge to creativity, and playing an active role in the negotiations necessary to reach the most appropriate solutions is of paramount importance.
We encourage national and international commercial arbitration. Therefore, it deals with cases within the jurisdiction of several arbitration tribunals in Argentina and abroad.
GLE deems lawsuits as a last resort alternative. However, it can also be seen as a negotiation instrument, save for exceptional circumstances. Nevertheless, GLE’s Firms ensure high efficiency in lawsuits, including the following:
I. Proceedings before the National Supreme Court and the Supreme Courts of all the provinces, and appeals from these provincial courts to the National Supreme Court. II. Administrative Proceedings, especially within the federal jurisdiction and the jurisdictions of the City and the Province of Buenos Aires.
III. Tax Proceedings before the National Tax Court.
IV. Defense in Criminal Business Law and Criminal Tax Law matters.
V. Commercial and civil proceedings before courts, especially in bankruptcy cases, mortgages and debt collection.
VI. Class actions and consumers law.


On business and corporate law matters we have a strong alliance with Estudio Richards –Brea –Ricciardi Lima ( This firm and their partners are very skilled on tax and legal “due diligences”, tax matters and mergers & acquisitions’.
In the U.S. we have a long dated alliance with the telecomunications specialized firm Blooston, Mordkosky, Dickens, Duff & Prendergast. (Mr. Benjamin Dickens
Mr. Román Guillermo Jáuregui is member of TAG The Advocacy Group (


GLE’s areas of specialization fully meet the needs of all its clients. Yet, on occasions it is important to resort to the services of the best external consultants on related areas. As a result, we work with prestigious professionals with vast experience, who render their services when required. These professionals are:
He presided the Argentine Institute for Finance Executives, the Certified International Investment Analyst Academic Council in Argentina (Associated to the ACIIA worldwide). He was Director President of the local branch of Thomson Reuters La Ley.
He is an external consultant of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and UNICEF. He has been: judge; National Director of the Labor Authority; Vice Minister of Labor and Director of the Labor Law Area of the Argentine Legal Digest.
Attorney. Faculty of Law and Political Science, Catholic Argentinean University (1999). Postgraduate specialization in Law of Oil and Gas, Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires (2003). Tax Law, Austral University (2004-2005). Master in Business Administration (EMBA), IAE Business School, Austral University (2008-2009). Member of the Argentinean Association of Fiscal Studies. Member of the International Fiscal Association. Member of the Latinamerican Institute of Tax Law. He helds a chair of Tax Law at the Catholic University of Argentina, School of Law and Political Science (2009 onwards). He has been visiting professor at the University of Buenos Aires in highly specialized teaching activities. He is author of several articles and publications in specialized magazines.


Graduate from the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires in 1960. He studied business administration at the Faculty of Law and Economic Science of the University of Paris. He has worked professionally both in the public and the private sector: he was Director of Foreign Investments – Ministry of Economy 1974/75), member of different Official Missions abroad, Adviser to the Minister of Public Works and Services (1986), Vice-president in charge of the privatization of Austral Líneas Aéreas S.A. (1987), Adviser to the Cabinet of the Attorney of the National Treasure (1994/95), Adviser in the clearance of National Waterworks for the closure of contracts of public works (1994), Manager of Legal Affairs for Indupa S.A and attorney for Induclor S.M and Petropol S.M. (1977-1985-1989-1992), Trustee for Schoeler Cabelma S.A. (1989/1991). Associated with the study since 1993, he is adviser in topics related to business law of important national and international companies, Pymes and Mutual Guarantee Societies. He served as a professor in the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires – Department of Economical and Business Law in the chair of Argentinean Political Economy.
Graduate from the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the University of Córdoba, with the academic distinction of “Outstanding graduate”, having integrated the “Honour Board” as First and Second Flagger Escort for two consecutive years. He has performed as a professor at the Faculty of Law on the University of Córdoba, the University of Buenos Aires and the Catholic University of Argentina. Author of papers published in legal specialized journals. He has taken part in several congresses and has also attended courses, seminars and specialization conferences. He has developed his professional career both in the public and the private sector, especially in fields related to commercial and administrative law. Such professional activity is mainly performed through counseling and out of court representation, in the administrative and judicial office of enterprises, banks and other private entities; as well as taking part of and intervening in the counseling and representation of public entities such as provinces, municipalities, foresight boxes, insurance companies and other entities of second degree. He has performed public functions, among which are to highlight: Hired consultant in the Procuration of the National Treasure, Cabinet Consultant of the Cabinet Consulting Secretariat and in the Strategic Control Secretariat, both in the Head of Cabinet of the Ministers Cabinet, Cabinet Consultant in the Legislative Issues Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice of the Nation, Cabinet Consultant in the Under Secretariat of Culture of the Nation, Cabinet Consultant in the General Audit of the Nation and Consultant in the Senate of the Nation.
Graduate from the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires (1979). Former official of the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (1973-2004), serving in the Legal Area, having been responsible of the Demands Initiation Area, Credit Verification and the Management of Outsourced Recovery, including the creation, management and control of the External Law Firms Registry; and in the Management of Human Resources as a professor in the Training Area. He has performed tasks of debts recovery in several private organizations. Adviser in bank NPLs in important law firms: García Lema Jauregui, Mirson Fontela Vazquez, Tonelli, Siseles, Jaime Fernandez Madero, Zaffore, De la Colina Rey.
Graduate from the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires (1998). He has developed a varied professional activity in tasks related to the public sector – Public Task Ministry, Defense Ministry, Interior and Transport Ministry, Honourable Senate of the Nation – and to the private sphere – G.O. Inc, LLC, American company based in Washington D.C., contractor in Schoeman, Updike and Kaufman, law firm based in New York and responsible for legal and financial business in a private company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Graduate from the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the National University of Córdoba. Attorney specialized on Economic Administrative Law, degree awarded by the School of Law of the Catholic University of Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires. She has also specialized in Administrative and Financial Law at the University of Salamanca. She has served as a professor at the School of Law of the National University of Córdoba, the University of Buenos Aires and the Catholic University of Argentina. She serves currently as an ordinary adjunct professor at the course of studies of Law and as a professor in the Master in Business Law, both in the Faculty of Juridical and Social Science of the Argentinean Business University (UADE). She has taken part in several congresses, attending a number of courses, seminars and specialization conferences as well. She has developed her professional activity both in the public and in the private sector, especially in topics related to public and administrative law. She was also involved in the preparation of several legislative initiatives, among which must stand the technical control of the Civil and Commercial National Code Project, prepared by the Committee created by decree N° 191/2011. She has performed public functions, among which stand out: Adviser to the National Direction of Official Guardianship, Legal Adviser to the Cabinet of the Secretariat of Legislative Affairs of the National Ministry of Justice, Legal Adviser to the General Direction of Technical and Institutional Assistance of the National Ministry of Justice, Legal Adviser to the National Leadership of the Only Record of Aspirants for Custody with Adoptive means, Adviser to the General Direction of Technical and Legislative Assistance of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation and Adviser to the Honorable Senate of the Nation.
Graduate from the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires (2001). Jauregui Law Firm since 1999. She serves on the commercial and labour courts of Buenos Aires city and of homonym province as a litigator on behalf of BBVA Banco Francés, Banco de la Nación Argentina, Garantizar SGR, among others. She advises national companies such as Iscot Services S.A. and Oil Combustibles S.A. Legal representative before the General Inspection of Justice of the following foreign companies: Argint S.A (Luxembourg), Worldfin Limited S.A (England), SIAE Microelectronics SpA (Italy). She is a member of the Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies.
Attorney graduated from the Faculty of Law and Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires in 1980, who completed post-graduated studies in 1997 as an Official and Private Mediator for the National Direction of Mediation and Participatory Methods in the Resolution of Conflicts of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Member of Dr. Jauregui Law Firm since 2007, performing advisory, solicitor and mediatory tasks. Attorney for Banco Francés S.A. and Consolidar Seguros S.A. She also served as an attorney for the Department of Legal Affairs – Contentious Administrative area – Dirección Nacional de Vialidad, from 1980 to 1986, as an attorney member of the Legal Direction of the Thermomechanical Activities Center S.A., Materfer S.A, Grandes Motores Diesel S.A. INGESA in 1987, attorney for Liberty Seguros S.A and as an attorney for Electrometalúrgica Andina S.A. in 2002. She was also assistant professor of administrative Law in Dr. Fanelli Evans chair at the Faculty of Law and Social Science and professor at the Technological Institute in San Carlos de Bariloche.
Attorney graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1984. She worked for the law firms of “Dr. Dobantón, Mantilla y Asociados” in Vicente López and “Dr. Miguel Angel Plo” in Buenos Aires. She served in the legal area of the Federal Prison Service as a Deputy Director of the Direction of General Audit. Member of Jauregui Study since 2007, being attorney of BBVA Banco Francés S.A, she attends to corporate matters before the General Inspection of Justice, she was attorney to obtain legal status for the Open Government Civil Association.
Graduate from the Faculty of Law of the University of Morón in 1990. She attended post graduated courses in criminal law at the University of Buenos Aires. She served as an attorney for the Federal Prison Service in the Summaries Division from 1990 to March 2008. Later, she worked for the Division of Legal Affairs from 2008 to 2013, when she was named Deputy Director of the Direction of General Audit until she retired at the end of 2013. She is a member of the law firm since 1992, serving in the civil and commercial courts of the city of Buenos Aires, as a legal attorney to important companies and banks, such as Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Papelera Alcorta S.R.L., Argentina Televisora Color LS82 –Canal 7 – ATC – Sociedad military y Seguro de Vida Asociación Mutualista and Banco de la Nación Argentina
Advanced student of Law, University of Buenos Aires. Former professional performance in Palenque Bullrich Law Firm.

Clients List

Some of our corporate clients are:

  • Banco Francés BBVA
  • Bank Boston NA. Bank of America
  • Banco de la Nación Argentina
  • Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Garantizar SGR- Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca
  • Bodega Chacra S.R.L.
  • Iscot Services S.A.
  • Worldfin S.A. (U.K.)
  • GTH S.R.L. (Italia)
  • Asociación Argentina de Parques de Diversiones Infantiles
  • Mr. Jauregui is Legal Representative of Finmeccannica (Italia) before Argentina Govermental Agencies

  • Individual Persons:
  • Couselling and representation of individual persons before courts, wealth management advice and all other support required.
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